Touchdown in American football refers to a gain of 6 points, passing the ball carried into the opponent's end zone or trapped there. One or two further points can then be obtained in an additional experiment.

In rugby, however, the corresponding dot gain is an attempt (try ), and the term touchdown called the " kill " the ball in his own in-goal.

Origin of the term

The English word " touchdown " ( German: bottoming) originally described the moment when a flying object such as an airplane, first contact with the ground makes for a flight phase. It is derived from the two words " touch" ( touch, scan, touch ) and "down" ( down, down, down) from. In this process usually results in a cloud of burning rubber as the tires are accelerated very quickly under the high pressure of the aircraft.

American Football

When the American Football Touchdown is the most significant way to score points. He counts obtained from the normal course of play out of six points. Other species are the field goal (3 points), Safety (2 points), the extra point after a touchdown - Point after touchdown (PAT ) - (1 point) or the 2 point conversion after the touchdown (2 points).

A touchdown is scored when a team carries the ball into the opponent's end zone or is there captured or conquered. According to current rules, it is not necessary that the ball is actually brought to the ground, as the name touchdown can actually think. Originally American football was, however, a pure Laufspielart without the ball could be thrown, and the cue ball had to be brought into the end zone on the ground.

If the ball is worn, it is sufficient that a part of the ball the end zone, so at least the goal line (the line that separates the field from the end zone ) is reached. The goal line is in this case seen as an imaginary wall so that no ground contact must take place. It is sufficient that the ball penetrates at least with its tip in the " airspace " above the goal line, the attacking player itself does not have to reach the end zone. The ball may not be dead at the time of touchdowns by the rules, that is, the ball carrier must not be at the moment are off the field or on the ground. ( According to the rules of the National Football League, it is possible, however, lying on the ground to achieve a touchdown when the player has not previously getacklet or touched by an opponent. )

Will be caught by a forward pass the ball in the opponent 's end zone, the player must take control of the ball reach (ie, keeping the ball safe), as long as he himself is in the end zone. It is not crucial whether the pass receiver or ball in the air space of the end zone are located. In the National Football League, the player must touch the bottom of the end zone with both feet or one knee before the touchdown is given valid. Elsewhere, such as in college football or the German Football League, it is sufficient if the player takes a leg in the end zone before it is connected to another part of the body out-of -bounds (i.e., Off).

The third way to achieve a touchdown is the conquest of a free ball in the opponent's end zone. This can be done by conquering a fumble or muff or by trapping an opponent's back pass, for example. The rules apply as when carrying the ball into the end zone: The ball must be in possession of an offensive player in the airspace of the end zone.

Try ( extra effort )

After obtaining a touchdowns Try from the two-yard line ( in College Football from the three- yard line ) played the defending team to give the winning team a chance to increase the rating.

When PAT ( eng.: Point after touchdown ), the offense while attempting to achieve a field goal, which brings an additional point. Due to the small distance to the goal line, this is a fairly simple test, is rarely encountered.

Succeed on offense in a regular pass or run game under the Try another touchdown, this counts as two points. It is in this case a 2- point conversion. The Defense has to achieve the possibility of points at the try. Manages to win the ball and turn to score a touchdown, this will also be rewarded with 2 points.


In the NFL, Jerry Rice scored so far the only player in his career over 200 touchdowns.


When the rugby touchdown appropriate rating test ( english try ) is called. To this end, the ball in in-goal must be passed. Depending on the sport include a trial of four ( Rugby League) or five points (Rugby Union). By a subsequent addition Kick ( increase, english conversion) two more points can be obtained.

However, the term " touchdown " in the Rugby Union depositing the ball in his own in-goal to take the opponent the opportunity of an experiment ( the so-called kill ). If the ball was passed through an action of the attacking team there, the defending team may kick the ball from their own 22 - meter line. Had this, however, even getting the ball in-goal, there is a scrum on the 5 meter line with scrum - throw for the attacking team.

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