Townships of the People's Republic of China

A municipality (Chinese鄕/乡, Pinyin Xiang ) is an administrative unit at the community level in the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China on Taiwan.

People's Republic of China

The community level follows in the administrative division of the People's Republic of China at the county level (circles, banners, circles Autonomous, Autonomous Banner, cities, municipalities, etc.). At this level, 40 446 units exist (as of 31 December 2012), of which 12,066 communities, comparable with the English township, are ( 29.83% ).

The municipality is headed by a mayor (乡长) is Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China in general. He is assisted by the Secretary of the Community Committee, which is usually vice-mayor (副 乡长). In Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region there are mainly dominated by the livestock Mongolian settlement areas, the sum corresponding to the communities in about.


More and more communities are transformed due to the increasing population and a certain degree of urbanization in the center of the settlement in large towns (镇).

In some cities, such as Haidian in Beijing, where communities have been overwhelmed by the rapid urbanization quasi, was built in a parallel structure. In parallel with the continuing community a " field office " (地区 办事处) was built, which often has a different name than the original local community. The area office is responsible for the urban, the municipal government for the ( still) agrarian population.

Republic of China

In the Republic of China on Taiwan, the municipalities are called Zhen (镇) and Xiang (乡), where according to the settlement structure with Zhen, the urban communities (English: urban townships ) and Xiang rural communities (English: rural townships ) are referred to.

In 2004 there were in the Republic of China 61 urban and 226 rural communities.

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