Tumbatu is one of the northwest coast of the island of Zanzibar ( Unguja ) 6 km offshore island of Tanzania. It lies about 40 km off the coast of East Africa and is surrounded by a dense fringing reef.


The elongated island is sparsely populated coastal regions. Gomani, the island's capital, is located on the east coast; another settlement places can be found on the southeast and the south coast. The densely forested western and northern part of the island is sparsely populated.

On a small, the northern tip of Tumbatu upstream side uninhabited island is an automatic beacon.


On Tumbatu are two of a total of 28 wards of the district of Unguja Kaskazini 'A' of the Tanzanian Region Zanzibar North, namely Gomani in the north ( Inselhauptort. 6813 inhabitants) and Jongowe in the South ( 2667 inhabitants, respectively in 2002 ).