Udanin ( u'danin, German: Gäbersdorf ) is a village and seat of the municipality of the same country, Lower Silesian Voivodeship in Poland. Until 1945 the village to the German Empire, county Striegau, Lower Silesia belonged.


Udanin located in the southwest of Poland approximately 42 kilometers from Wroclaw and 28 kilometers from Legnica away. Neighboring municipalities are Środa Śląska, Kostomłoty, Zarow, Mściwojów and Wądroże Wielkie.


The rural community Udanin consists of 23 locations with 19 districts ( German name until 1945), including mayor's office together:

  • Damianowo ( Damsdorf )
  • Drogomiłowice ( Dromsdorf - Lohnig )
  • Dziwigórz (This village)
  • Gościsław ( Bertholdsdorf )
  • Jarosław ( Jerschendorf )
  • Jarostów ( Eisendorf )
  • Karnice ( Körnitz )
  • Konary ( Kuhnern )
  • Lasek ( Förstchen )
  • Lusina ( Lüssen )
  • Łagiewniki Średzkie
  • Pichorowice ( Peicherwitz )
  • Piekary ( Beckern )
  • Pielaszkowice ( Pläswitz )
  • Różana ( Lederose )
  • Sokolniki ( Zuckelnick )
  • Udanin ( Gäbersdorf )
  • Ujazd Dolny (Lower Mois )
  • Ujazd Gorny (Upper Mois )

Other villages in the municipality are: Dębki ( Eichberg ), Dębnica, Jańczów and Księżyce.

Overall, however, less than 6,000 people living in the community. The main towns of Gmina are Udanin with 982 inhabitants, Ujazd Gorny with 596 inhabitants and Ujazd Konary with 503 inhabitants.

Economy and infrastructure

The municipality has a largely rural character. 86 percent of their land used for agriculture, 10 percent goes to the municipality, only 4 percent is used for forestry. The fertile soils are used mainly for farming. The community is rich in raw materials such as clay and lignite.

In the last 19 years in 1340 households were connected to the water supply, so are water and sewage connections in almost all the villages in the municipality available. A modern sewage treatment plant was built in Piekary.

The transport connection is ensured by the railway line from Strzegom to Ujazd Gorny and the A4 motorway. The nearest airport is in Wroclaw.

The primary school of the village was modernized recently and provided with a sports hall. The construction of a kindergarten is planned for the coming years.

Culture and sights

In the villages of the municipality there are several historic churches. The Church of Saint Ursula in Udanin was built in 1250.

Furthermore, lured by the reservoirs of the region's many anglers.