Ulricehamns IFK

Ulricehamns IFK is a Swedish sports club from Ulricehamn. The football team of the predecessor club IFK Ulricehamn played in the 1970s one season in the second highest Swedish league.


The previous clubs IFK Ulricehamn Ulricehamn IF and played for a long time only in unterklassigen area of the Swedish football league pyramid. 1964 Ulricehamn IF rose the first time in the third division, the local rivals followed a season later. While IFK Ulricehamn able to establish itself in its third league season, Ulricehamn IF rose after two seasons off again and then on again played only unterklassig.

IFK Ulricehamn sat down already in the late 1960s in the front third of the table. After every second in the standings with 1968 and 1970 behind Kinna IF respectively Varberg BoIS the team won the 1971 season. In the promotion round to the second division, she met BK Derby and Tidaholms GIF and missed after two defeats to qualify for the higher league. After the team was only narrowly escaped relegation again in the fourth division the following year, she established herself again in the front range league and won again in 1975 the squadron. However, after a win and a draw they missed the rise again, after Västerås SK and Motala AIF they occupied before the Stockholm club Högalids IF the third rank of the promotion round. This time the club repeated the success of last year and left in 1976 again in the promotion round. Västra Frölunda IF and IFK Ystad were referred to the courts and, together with Mjallby AIF, the club was promoted to the second division.

In the Südstaffel the second league IFK Ulricehamn had no chance and went after six wins this season together with Råå IF and IF Grimsås directly again. In his third league season the club reached in the following years midfield places without being able to intervene again in the promotion race. Rather, he slipped in the league and after only three wins this season, he said goodbye to the end of 1982 in the Viertklassigkeit. Four years later, the team was the victim of a league reform and was demoted to the fifth- highest division. 1990 returned to the club in the league back and finished fourth in his squadron in the following year the second place, but rose in the following year again.

The end of 1992 and merged IFK Ulricehamn Ulricehamn IF to Ulricehamns IFK. The new club joined in the following years between the fourth and fifth division. In 2007, he dismounted in the Sechstklassigkeit, two years later succeeded to rise again.