Ulundi Local Municipality

Ulundi (English Ulundi Local Municipality ) is a town in South Africa's Zululand District in the province of KwaZulu -Natal. The administrative center of the municipality is located in the town of Ulundi. Mvuseni Jaconia Luthuli is the mayor. The IFP represents the majority in the City Council.

Ulundi is isiZulu and represents a high place '. The name comes from the kraal, the king Cetshwayo built in 1873. The kraal was originally Ondini, but the British called him Ulundi. 2007, the municipality had 197 908 inhabitants. It covers an area of ​​3250 square kilometers.


Ulundi is situated in the northeast of KwaZulu -Natal and in the south of the district of Zululand. The only town in the municipality is Ulundi town. Other important settlements are Kwambambo, Mahlabathini, Dingaanstat, Nkonjeni and Dlebe.


The economic center of the municipality is the town of Ulundi. From here, the entire community is supplied with the necessary goods.

The economy is based on agriculture Ulundis: Approximately half of the area in Ulundi is used for commercial agriculture. The main pillars are the timber industry, cultivation of sugar cane and tropical fruits, livestock and agriculture. The majority of the commercial farming takes place in Babanango Valley, west of Babanango, instead, as the ground has excellent qualities for farming. Through the promotion of agriculture is currently being built a processing Direction industry.

Tourism is another mainstay of Ulundi. There are a lot of potential for the expansion of this industry, as Ulundi lies at the heart of Zululand with nature parks and interesting cultural and historical sites.

By relocating the administrative seat of the province of KwaZulu -Natal Pietermaritzburg many jobs were lost in the public sector. Previously, the city Ulundi and Pietermaritzburg itself had divided the county seat.


  • KwaZulu Cultural Museum: a museum, are shown in the exhibits about the Zulu culture and history and archaeological finds. There is also a reconstructed Zulu village to visit.
  • Hluhluwe- Umfolozi Park: the oldest national park in Africa
  • Ophathe Deer Park
  • ThakaZulu Deer Park
  • Nodwengu: Location and grave of King Mpande
  • Battlefield of Ulundi
  • Grave of Piet Retief