UN Käerjéng 97

The UN Käerjéng ​​97 is a Luxembourgian football club from Nidderkäerjéng ​​. The club colors are red and blue. Play their home games, the club since November 2011 in the newly built Centre Sportif " Käerjenger dribbling " ( 2500 seats) in Nidderkäerjéng ​​from. The old stadium had hitherto been used " To Bechel " in Hautcharage was demolished in 2012.


In 1997 the association was formed by the merger of U.S. Bascharage and Jeunesse Hautcharage.

Predecessor clubs

U.S. Bascharage

  • Founded in 1928
  • No significant successes

Jeunesse Hautcharage

Founded in 1919, the biggest success of the club's history was winning the National Cup in 1971, the Coupe de Luxembourg. As a third division to beat in the final Jeunesse Esch 4-1 after extra time. The following year, the club then played in the European Cup winners. In the first round they met the English team Chelsea FC and lost with 0:8 (H) 12:13 (A). In the top league of Luxembourg, the National Division, have only played in the 1981/82 season, finishing in 11th place.


In the season 2005/ 06 the first time they rose up in the National Division, which was finished in 8th place. As Cup finalist the same season, the club qualified for the UEFA Cup qualification, where the team met five times the Norwegian champions Lillestrøm SK. After losing the first leg Käerjéng ​​won the return leg 1-0 and drew surprisingly in the second qualifying round, where they then, however, failed to Standard Liege.

We should also mention the success of the Scolaires (German C -Jugend ) in 2003, which were, after a terrific season Luxembourg champion.

In the 2008 /09 season was one for the second time in the Cup final, which was however lost with 0:5. Since final opponents F91 Dudelange but qualified as a master for the Champions League, UN Käerjéng ​​took as a trophy finalist in the 2009/10 season in the Europa League.