Uzh River

The Usch in Uzhhorod

The Usch (Ukrainian Уж; Slovak Uh, Hungarian Ung; transcribed Uzh English, the name comes from the Old Slavic word už (snake ) back ) is a river in Ukraine and Slovakia. In German sources rather the Hungarian name Ung has long been aware, since Transcarpathia belonged until after the First World War to Hungary. See also: History of the Carpatho -Ukraine.

The length of the river is 127 ( other information: 133) mileage. It originates on the watershed between the Carpathian Oblast Lviv and Transcarpathia on the Uschok pass and then flows through the western plains of the Transcarpathian Oblast, where he left side and the rivers Lyuta Turja accrue. Near the village Storoschnyzja (Ukrainian Сторожниця ) at the Uzhgorod Usch crossed the border with Slovakia and ends there after about 21 kilometers at Drahňov ( Michalovce district ) in the river Laborec. This in turn flows over Latorica, Bodrog and Tisza with the Danube and thus the Black Sea.

Between 1919 and 1930 he formed to the north of Uzhhorod the border between the territory of Slovakia and the Carpathian Ruthenia in Czechoslovakia.