Villanueva de la Serena

Villanueva de la Serena ( extremadurisch Villanueva e la Serena or Villanueva la Serena ) is a town in the Spanish province of Badajoz in the autonomous community of Extremadura. Villanueva together with the neighboring town of Don Benito the conurbation Don Benito - Villanueva de la Serena, with 26 157 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) is the third- largest agglomeration of Extremadura. The two cities also jointly take over the function as the administrative seat of the comarca of the Vegas Altas.

  • 2.1 residents
  • 2.2 nationalities



The municipality is divided into six districts:



Villanueva is with 25,576 inhabitants ( 2008), the fifth largest municipality of the province of Badajoz. The core city has 21,885 inhabitants. Currently running a segregation process, making it the largest district of Valdivia ( 1,881 inhabitants) is an independent municipality.

96.1 % of its inhabitants are native of Spain, 86.4 % from Extremadura, 83.5 % of the province of Badajoz, and 60.8 % from Villanueva. Population growth, with 0.9 % (average 2001-2008 ), well below the Spanish average.

The population is male to 49.2% and 50.8 % female.

Development of the Population:

The proportion of foreigners has increased considerably, although in the last two decades, is 3.2% (2008), however, compared to the Spanish average remains very low.

Development the proportion of foreigners: