Walter Schwimmer

Walter Schwimmer ( born June 16, 1942 in Vienna) is an Austrian politician. The lawyer was since 1971 a member of the Austrian National Council and from 1999 to 2004 Secretary General of the Council of Europe.


Walter Schwimmer is the son of a baker and a saleswoman. He attended grammar school and studied law at the University of Vienna. There he received his doctorate in 1964, was Legal Adviser to the Union of Salaried Employees in the Austrian Trade Union Federation ( Austrian Trade Union Federation ). In 1971 he joined as Head of the Social and the Political Committee later ÖAAB ( Austrian Workers 'and Employees' Federation ). In 1979 he became head of the department of the Viennese health insurance contribution. From 1984 to 1999 he was its director-general.

Since his student days, a member of the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP ), he was in 1971 elected to the National. Float belonged to the National Council to 1999 in eight consecutive legislative periods. He was Deputy People's Party Chairman, Chairman of the Committee on Health, Justice and the buildings and Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Social Affairs. Float was from 1977 to 1981 Vice - President, 1982-1999 President of the Austrian- Israeli Society.

Float belonged since 1991, the Austrian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in 1996, Chairman of the Group of the European People's Party - Christian Democrats, Vice- President of the Assembly, Deputy Chairman of the Legal and Human Rights Committee, Chairman of the Subcommittee on International Economic Relations, and Rapporteur for the accession Slovakia, for EUR Europe.

In June 1999, the Parliamentary Assembly elected him as the successor of Sweden Daniel Tarschys Secretary General of the Council of Europe. At the scheduled election of the Secretary General on 22 June 2004 subject to the British swimmer Terry Davis. He received in the Parliamentary Assembly only 91 votes, Davis received 157 swimmers, the Office on 1 September 2004 exits.

Float is a consultant for International Relations and European Affairs, works both for governments and for companies. He volunteers his time for the dialogue of cultures and is among other things Secretary General of the Maison de la Méditerranée - Fondazione Mediterraneo in Naples, Chair of the International Coordinating Committee of the " World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations " and President of the European Democracy Forum ( Strasbourg ).

Walter Schwimmer 's second marriage ( with Martina Pucher swimmer, former Deputy District Chairman (ÖVP ) in Vienna -. Margaret ) married and has two sons from his first marriage.

Honors and Awards

Float was among others the Grand Gold Medal with Ribbon for Services to the Republic of Austria (2005), the Grand Cross of the Star of Romania, the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle ( Aguila Azteca ) and high Italian, San awarded Marine sian and Lithuanian Order. He is a Knight of the French Legion of Honour.