The weather tips as part of the platform frame. Left the Wetterwandeck, right of center, the Eastern Weathertop, right next to the distinctive Middle Weathertop and at the right edge, the Northern Weathertop.

Weathertop is the name of three of the ridge outstanding jagged rocks in Wettersteingebirge in the central eastern Alps. They are located about two kilometers southwest of the Zugspitze, on the border between Austria ( Tyrol ) and Germany ( state of Bavaria). The Weather peaks form the southwestern edge of the Zugspitzplatt; east below the ski area lies on the snow In addition to the research station Schneefernerhaus.

A distinction is made between the

  • Northern Weathertop ( 2746 meters),
  • Southern ( Middle ) Weathertop ( 2750 meters ) and the
  • Eastern Weathertop ( 2668 meters).


Possible base for climbing the peaks Weather is the restaurant SonnAlpin (2600 meters) on the Zugspitze, the terminus of the Bavarian Zugspitze Railway.

Easiest routes

From out Zugspitzplatt

  • With, according to the literature, easy climbing in the UIAA grade II in a half hour on the Northern Weathertop.
  • In two hours ( UIAA II) to the Middle Weathertop,
  • In half an hour without difficulty ( UIAA I) on the Eastern Weathertop

There are also of different climbing routes up to UIAA V west of Ehrwald.

Sources and maps

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