Ehrwald is a municipality with 2570 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the district of Reutte, Tyrol ( Austria ). The municipality is located in the judicial district of Reutte.

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Ehrwald lies at the foot of Wettersteingebirge with the 2962 meter high Zugspitze, at the basin of the Lermooser Moss, a former swampland. The Loisach flows past the site. The name derives possibly from Old High eriro or erro forest, which means " the beginning of the forest". One other view is that the name means " old forest " or " Erzwald ", which is in view of the nearby ore deposits not excluded.


Districts are adjacent to the main town Obermoosburg with the station of the Tyrolean Zugspitze Railway and Ehrwald -Schanz at the former customs house, Oberdorf, sub- village smithy and Weidach.

Neighboring communities

Ehrwald is adjacent to Biberwier, Garmisch -Partenkirchen (D), Grainau (D), Lermoos and Mieming.


Ehrwald was first mentioned in documents in 1274. The settlement did not take place as in the rest Außerfern from the Allgäu, but from Imst. An incentive offered to secure the mining industry, which was operated until the early 20th century. The place was a bit off the main thoroughfares route over the Fern Pass, but had with the production of barrel staves for the Saline Hall an important source of income. Already at the beginning of the 20th century Ehrwald was discovered by tourists and grew up to be an important addition to Lermoos two seasonal tourist community in the area of ​​the Zugspitze.

An important proportion of this is the second Seilbahnbau Austria, which opened in 1926, leads the Tyrolean Zugspitze Railway, which was built in 1991 ( rebuilt the valley station in 2003 after a fire ) and directly to the summit.

Ehrwald still has two more ski and hiking areas that directly starting from the center of " Wettersteinbahnen " and the Ehrwalder Alm

Coat of arms

Blazon: A five rows silvery - green gespickelter shield.

The stylized forest in 1978 conferred municipal coat of arms symbolizes the place name.



Culture and sights

  • Near the village is the protected area Ehrwalder pool.
  • Every year on the weekend nearest to Midsummer (summer solstice, June 21) is the imposing mountain scenery around the basin Ehrwald - Lermoos Biberwier under the traditional bonfires by the laying of great figures in thousands of incendiary devices to a spectacular experience that in its own way is unique. The characters range from the Christian symbolism, and motifs from the plant and animal world to the representation of complex images. The additional laying of fire chains along the mountain ridges, the entire dynamics is further increased. Since 2010, the mountain fires Ehrwald belongs to the intangible world heritage, as declared by UNESCO on the list of Austria ( National Treasure ).
  • Drachensee

Transport links

Default traffic has Ehrwald connection to the Inn valley over the Fern Pass, to Reutte and to Garmisch -Partenkirchen. At the railway network Ehrwald is connected via the Außerfernbahn.


  • Fritz Behn, artist
  • Eugen Bönsch, pilot
  • Martin Kirschner, politicians
  • Clemens Krauss, conductor
  • Paula Ludwig, an Austrian writer and painter
  • Arthur Pauli, ski jumpers
  • Heinrich Ritter von Srbik, historians
  • Rudolf Schramm -Zittau, artists
  • Erich Steiner, painter and sportsman
  • Viorica Ursuleac, soprano; Richard Strauss' first " Arabella ", spent the last thirty years of her life at her home in Ehrwald.