Wieda (river)

The Wieda in the village Wieda

The Wieda in the Lower Saxony district of Osterode am Harz and the Thuringian district of Nordhausen is about 22 km long, western and orographic right tributary of Zorge in the resin and in the southern Harz Zechsteingürtel ( Südharzer Zechsteinhügel ).


The Wieda rises in the Lower Saxon part of the Harz Harz nature park. Its origin is north of Stöberhai (about 720 m above mean sea level. ) In the west of the valley Old Hole: There flow slightly above a situated on 540.6 m path Telle two short headwaters to about 545 m in height together, on the high altitudes of the mountain spring and run through the eyelets and Franzosental. Others reportedly is the source of the river "north of the mountain Stöberhai " at about 580 m altitude.

Initially, a piece of the Wieda flows northeast and then southeast to the former Stöberhai station to hit something underneath it in Steigertal to the provincial road 601. From then to the south -coming it passes the Stöberhai the east and the Wiedaer hunting head ( 602.1 m ) to the west, and shortly thereafter in eastern passing the cheese mountain ( about 520 m ) and the Knickings ( about 505 m ) and the western Zorger hunting head ( 603.1 m) to pass through the village Wieda. Then the Wieda runs southeast and leaves the resin to flow into the Südharzer Zechsteinhügeln from Walkenried. They happen a lot below the village whose settlement Wiedigshof.

Thereafter, the Wieda changes over to Thuringia and the Harz nature park in the Southern Harz Nature Park. Therein it flows directly south to Gudersleben and just north of Mauderode eastwards to open slightly southern passage of Woffleben to 206.9 m in the well from the resin and there from the northwest coming helmets inflow Zorge.


In the warm season the Wieda seeps often in karst cavities in the gypsum karst landscape of the southern Harz Zechsteingürtels ( Südharzer Zechsteinhügel ) to weiterzufließen underground and pedaling elsewhere from karst springs and resurgences, such as the Salza Spring, back to the surface. In low rainfall ( hot ) summers, it happens that their river bed dries out completely.


Among the tributaries of the Wieda include:

  • Breitenbach (left)
  • Uffe (Saxony ditch, on the right )
  • Talgraben (right)
  • Hole Mühlengraben (left)

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