Wilhelm Braune

Theodor Wilhelm Braune ( born February 20, 1850 in Großthiemig at Elsterwerda, † November 10, 1926 in Heidelberg ) was a German medievalist germanistischer.

Brown went in 1869 to the University of Leipzig, his habilitation in 1874, received in 1877 as an associate professor and worked since 1880 as a professor of German language and literature in Giessen. He is considered an important representative of the neo-grammarians.


Own writings

  • Investigations of Heinrich von Veldeke, Halle / Saale in 1873.
  • For information of the Franconian and High German consonant shift, Halle / Saale, 1874.
  • About the quantity of final syllables Old High German, Halle / Saale in 1875.
  • Gothic grammar. With a few pieces of reading and word list, 1st Edition Halle / Saale in 1880; 9th edition Halle / Saale, 1920 ( last edition hand; continued under Charles Helm, Ernst Albrecht Ebbinghaus and Frank Heider 's ).
  • Old High German grammar, 1st Edition Halle / Saale in 1886; 3rd edition Halle / Saale, 1925 ( last edition hand; continued under Charles Helm, Walther Mitzka, Hans Eggers and Ingo Reiffenstein ).
  • Demolition of the Old High German Grammar: With consideration of the Old Saxon ( 3rd edition Halle / Saale, 1900)


  • Old High German reading book, 1st edition Halle / Saale in 1875; 8th edition Halle / Saale, 1921 ( last edition hand; continue under Charles Helm and Ernst A. Ebbinghaus ).
  • Contributions to the history of the German language and literature. , 1873, together with Hermann Paul.
  • Reprints German Litteraturwerke the 16th and 17th century, from 1876, continued under Ernst Beutler.