William Hilton

William Hilton ( born June 3, 1786 Lincoln ( Lincolnshire ), † December 30, 1839 in London) was an English painter.

Hilton was the first pupil of the engraver John Raphael Smith, since 1800 the Royal Academy of Arts, history painting style higher then turned to and received by several works mythological scenes for the image of keys from Calais to King Edward III. (1810 ) a prize of 50 guineas.

He then devoted himself to Christian art until a trip to Italy in 1818, the desire for the resumption of mythological and historical objects awakened in him. He was in 1820 elected a member of the Academy, and died in 1839 in London.


  • Massacre of the Innocents
  • Monks, the corpse of King Harald finding
  • Jacob and his sons
  • Una and the satire
  • Rape of Proserpine