Lincoln, England

Lincoln [ lɪŋkən ] is a city in England and is the capital of the county of Lincolnshire. The city is drained by the River Witham.

  • 4.1 Sons and daughters of the town
  • 4.2 People who have worked on site


The city of Lincoln looks back on over 2000 years of history. Long before the Romans came to Lincoln, the site of the present city was settled. The Romans built in the year 48 their first military base for Legio VIIII Hispana (9th Legion ), which was converted to 96 as a city of Roman veterans in Lindum Colonia.

Because of its strategic location at a point where two major trade routes converge, and on the River Witham to Lincoln already developed very early on an important trading center. Probably Lincoln was the capital of Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey. The Normans built in 1068 under William the Conqueror the mighty castle of Lincoln Castle. Four years later they began construction of the cathedral, one of the most monumental medieval churches of Britain and to 1549 the then tallest church building in the world.

From the Middle Ages to Lincoln deserved long through the wool and cloth trade and became a prosperous city. From the decline of the industry from the 14th century, the city recovered only in the 19th century with the industrial revolution. Lincoln completed the structural change and became a major industrial center.

Coat of arms

Blazon: Argent, a continuous red beams cross in the middle of a golden heraldic lily.


Worth seeing is the old town with some interesting buildings, including particularly

  • The Cathedral, one of the most significant works of English Gothic, the oldest parts were built in the Norman style yet
  • The lock ( Lincoln Castle ), where one of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta is kept
  • The Roman archway Newport Arch
  • Town houses, partly from Norman times
  • The medieval market halls
  • A windmill

The environment in scenic Central England is known for its many castles and manor houses.



Sons and daughters of the town

Those who worked on site

  • Robert Grosseteste ( * before 1170, † 1253 ), English theologian who was Bishop of Lincoln
  • George Holmes ( * ca 1680, † 1720 in Lincoln), from 1750 organist of Lincoln Cathedral
  • William Paley (* 1743, † 1805 in Lincoln), theologian and philosopher
  • John Smyth (1566-1612), co-founder of the Baptists, was a preacher in Lincoln City