Jim Broadbent

James "Jim" Broadbent ( born May 24, 1949 in Lincoln ) is an English actor and Academy Award winner.

Life and career

Broadbent was born in Lincoln, the son of Doreen and Roy Laverick Broadbent. His twin sister died at birth. His parents were also acting active and the founder of a local drama group. Broadbent attended school in Reading and went to college in London, where he completed his studies in acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art ( LAMDA ). Then he began as a stage actor at the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he performed in numerous plays in a variety of roles. Today he is considered one of the best character actors of the British theater.

His film debut was in 1978 Broadbent in a supporting role in the horror film The Shout. In the 1980s, he won as an active actor increasingly popularity and was seen in continuously in various films such as Time Bandits, The professional killer and Brazil. In the 90s, followed by other film productions such as Life is Sweet, Enchanted April, A case for the Borger and Topsy Turvy - - Upside Down. As a television actor, he has appeared in British productions such as Blackadder and Doctor Who.

Broadbent was awarded in 2001 for his role in the drama Iris an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He played the husband of Iris Murdoch, played by Judi Dench. In 2008 he played in the Steven Spielberg film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the role of Dean Charles Stanforth. 2009 and 2011 he was in the Harry Potter films Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 can be seen in the role of Professor Horace Slughorn.

Broadbent is married to the theater designer and illustrator Lewis Anastasia. There is in his hometown of a small theater that has rebuilt his father from a former church and named after him.