William III, Count of Burgundy

William III, called the child. (French: Guillaume l' Enfant, * 1110, † March 1, 1127 in Payerne), was a free Count of Burgundy and Count of Mâcon and Vogt Abbey Romainmôtier from the House of Burgundy - Ivrea. He was a son of the free Count Wilhelm II and Agnes of Zahringen.

Just as his father William died in the abbey church of Payerne assassinated. After his death, raised both his cousin Rainald III. and his maternal uncle, Konrad I of Zahringen a right to the free county.


  • Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: Burgundy Kingdom Nobility
  • Graf ( Burgundy )
  • Graf ( Macon )
  • House of Burgundy - Ivrea
  • Born in the 12th century
  • Died in 1127
  • Man