Wipperfelder Bach


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The Wipper Felderbach is a 3.4 km long, orographic right tributary of the Kürtener Suelz in North Rhine-Westphalia Wipperfuerth in Oberbergisch district ( Germany ).


The creek rises at the southern edge of Unterholl at an altitude of 271 m above sea level. NN. From here, the creek flows mainly in a southerly direction, Wipperfeld happened on the western outskirts and ends about 2 km as the crow south to 197 m above sea level. NN on the right side in the Kürtener Suelz.

On its 3.4 km long road Wipper Felderbach overcomes a height difference of 74 m, corresponding to an average bed slope of 21.8 ‰. It drains a catchment area of ​​about 3 km ². The Wipper Felderbach has an average water depth of about 25 cm.

In the stream of fish and animal species are native, such as the brown trout.