The affluent children ( under the short form W $ K), from 1995 to 1999 under the name of affluent children (2001 also known under the pseudonym Kindakacke ) was outstanding since the 1995 German punk and rock band (proper name: " Province of Rock" ) from Overath. They gave on 17 December 2005 in Cologne, her farewell concert band Petra and broke up after that.


In addition to some singles, the band released six studio albums and was also represented on various samplers.

Among the songs Like a star and no radio song and video were produced. The latter was broadcasted by VIVA.

At their concerts they played, among others, as the opening act of Cosmo and soda, The Offspring, Tony Marony, Sum 41, H -Blockx, Die Happy, Donots, Tomte and Dover.

2005 the band the tenth anniversary made ​​a tour of over 40 concerts.

On 11 November 2005 a double live CD, compiled from pieces of the spring tour was released. In December, a double DVD followed. Both carry the title intermediate image and habit. On the double DVD can be found next to a compilation of several concerts of the band also numerous extras.

Caddy and Türk Travolta playing together with Claus and Hasan of ex- factory bone even at Casanova's gay side. Caddy was also from 2006 to February 2007 when drummer Tim Curry and since then both with his new band Hello Bomb, as well as Angelika Express, where he acts as a live musician, active. Tobias Röger (Silver) is fronting his new band " TON ". Raki and Türk Travolta have founded in 2006 together with Claus and Matzo of Chefdenker and Anne of ex- Karma Kola, the band Tick17. In addition, Raki is part of the Cologne band Schmeisig and toured in summer 2010 with them through Europe. Raki Neidhardt taught from 2007 to 2009 at the Gutenberg -Gymnasium of Bergheim Education Science and German.

The song The Grey Album from our time Poppxapank starts with an excerpt from the book adaptation of "The Seventh Cross " (Anna Seghers ) by 1944.





  • 2002: Like a Star (VHS)
  • 2005: Between Image and habit (2- DVD)



  • 2000: We'll see you in Las Vegas (Radio Promo)
  • 2000: Like a star (Radio Promo)
  • 2005: ... 10 years ago! (Tour Promo)


  • 2002: Like a star
  • 2003: No Radio Song
  • 2004: The Penthouse residents ( unpublished)