Pop -punk, sometimes punk-pop, refers to a popular, but less harsh brand of punk rock with pop music elements. The genre of the mid- 1990s, was known by the success of the band Green Day and The Offspring.


The exact definition for pop-punk is controversial. In this article, the mid-90s, is treated become popular playing style of punk with elements of pop music.

The term is also used pejoratively for the company grade and commercially successful variant of punk music, although this is musically similar, but is not accepted by many punks because of their more " fun-stressed " commercial orientation and occasionally political Unambitioniertheit generally considered authentic.

In addition, to use the term in connection with older punk bands like the Ramones, The Jam and The Undertones.

In addition, the commercial in the U.S. and Europe alignment of Melodic hardcore is referred to as pop-punk.



The first big wave of pop- punk bands started in the mid 1990s in California. This was led primarily by the band Green Day, which their album Dookie brought out in 1994, and The Offspring, published in the same year Smash. Both albums are now among the most successful and most important albums of the genre. Weezer is often cited as one of the pioneering bands of the pop-punk, often, however, the alternative rock or power pop be attributed. The Offspring Smash published by no other album that sold so well. With its 1998's Americana album the group could almost approaching to this success. Green Day Insomniac published in 1995, which has a darker sound than the previous album, more melodic Dookie and was less successful. Their next two albums Nimrod (1997) and Warning ( 2000) were not as successful as Dookie.

Since 1999

Published in 1999, blink-182 album Enema of the State, which she became known worldwide. Later, the band was among the most successful of the pop-punk along with Green Day and The Offspring. By Blink-182 began a second wave of pop punk. These include, among others, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory and Bowling for Soup, which became known all beginning of the millennium. Nevertheless, Green Day became the most successful band of the genre and continued record sales in 2004, which still exists today. American Idiot was the most successful pop-punk album of all time and has sold alone by 2009 14 million times. The mid- '00s, there was a renewed wave of new pop-punk bands like Fall Out Boy, All Time Low and Paramore. Do not remove them, however, more and more of the original punk rock and are based more on alternative rock. But older bands of the genre are still successful, then Green Day's album 21st Century Breakdown placed No. 1 on the German charts and Days Go By by The Offspring, Sum 41s Screaming Bloody Murder or Neighborhoods by Blink -182 were able to record chart successes.