Wolf Albach-Retty

Wolf Albach -Retty ( born May 28, 1906 in Vienna as Wolfgang Helmuth Walter Albach, † February 21, 1967 ) was an Austrian actor. From the marriage with German actress Magda Schneider, the actress Romy Schneider comes.


Albach -Retty was born the son of the court actress Rosa Albach -Retty and the Austro - officer Karl Walter Albach. He was trained at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts as an actor. At the age of 20 he played his first role at the Vienna Burgtheater.

For the film, he already came as a young man. He received a first silent film role, 1927. During the time of National Socialism, he appeared in Love and music films. In 1937 he married Magda Schneider and took temporary German citizenship to. The marriage produced two children, Rosemarie, called Romy (1938-1982) and Wolf -Dieter ( * 1941 ) were obtained. The marriage was in 1945 (according to other sources 1946 or 1949) divorced.

Albach -Retty, the 1933 Promotional became a member of the SS in May, occurred in 1940, two years after the "Anschluss of Austria", the NSDAP. In August 1944, he was among the nominees of Goebbels actors of Gottbegnadeten list that Goebbels thought to be indispensable for film production, so Albach -Retty was exempted from military service obligations.

After the Second World War faded, his fame because he could no longer connect to earlier successes in the converted movie landscape and only seen in supporting roles was (for example, in The Cardinal as Baron Hartmann, a supporting role, which he owed his daughter ). Instead, he was again seen in important roles at the Burgtheater, including Anatol by Arthur Schnitzler. Albach -Retty was married in second marriage with the actress Trude Marlen. His honor and the grave of his mother is on the Vienna Central Cemetery (Group 32 C, number 50). His wife Trude Marlen died in 2005 and was buried beside him. In this grave rests also Marlen twin sister Cecilia Brantley, who died in 1997.