Wolf River (Fox River)

Catchment area of ​​the Fox River Fox River (lower left) and Wolf River ( above)

Wolf River at New London

Wolf River in Langlade County

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It has its origins in Pine Lake in Forest County. This lake is located in the Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin. From there, the Wolf River flows south through Langlade County Menominee County and through. On this route whitewater rafting is possible.

Then it flows through the Shawano County. Here he takes on the Red River and passing the city Shawano. In Shawano Shawano the outflow of Lake empties into the river. He continues to flow in a southerly direction and takes in New London the Embarrass River on.

At its lower reaches him of the Little Wolf River and the Waupaca River flow to. It flows through the Lake Polygan and finally ends in Winneconne in the Lake Butte des Morts, which is drained by the Fox River.

Environmental aspects

On a tributary of the Wolf River was the construction of a mine, the Crandon Mine, proposed. Environmental activists saw this as a threat to the conservation of the Wolf River. The Crandon Mine was purchased in 2003 by the Mole Lake Chippewa band Sokaogon strain.

The campaign for the stop of the Crandon Mine was the success of an alliance of indigenous people, environmentalists and the urban population.

Sturgeon Guard

Wolf River and Fox River are known spawning grounds of sturgeon that swim in the spring ( mid-April to early May) from Lake Winnebago upstream. It is believed that even in 1800 lived ten times the number of sturgeon in the waters. Female sturgeon reproduce not proceed to 20 years and then only every 4-6 years. You can reach an age of up to 50 years. Then they are up to 1.5 m long.

To protect the sturgeon, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources founded in the early 1990s a citizens' initiative, the so-called " Sturgeon For Tomorrow". The volunteers monitor the spawning grounds during the spawning season.

"White Bass"

Morone chrysops ( in English " White Bass" or " sand bass " ) is a species of the family of sea bass, which spawns in the Wolf River. In the last two weeks of May, the fish spawn normally. During this time many anglers in the river system of the Wolf River. The typical prisoner White bass measures 200 to 300 mm.