Wolfgang Drechsler

Wolfgang Drechsler ( born June 6, 1963 in Marburg ) is a German scientist who has worked in the fields of management, innovation and Political Philosophy. He is Professor of Political Science (since 2006; previously Professor of Technology Governance and Public Management) and one of the founding directors of the Technology Governance program at the Technical University of Tallinn in Estonia ( since 2004). Currently he is also Vice-Dean for International Relations Faculty of Social Sciences is (since 2010 ) (since 2012) owner of André Molitor Chair for reforms in politics, administration and international relations ( professeur invité ) at the Université Catholique de Louvain and ( Winter Semester 2013 / 14) visiting Professor of management Sciences at the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing.


Drechsler has degrees from Bridgewater College, the University of Virginia, the University of Marburg, the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer and the Corvinus University of Budapest. From 1993 to 2006 he was professor (since 1996 full professor ) for administrative and political science at the University of Tartu. Before and during his tenure in Estonia he also taught at the Universities of Marburg, Gießen and Frankfurt am Main. He was a visiting professor in Lund, Sweden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and (summer term 2007) for political science at the University of Erfurt. He is also a lecturer in economic fundamentals of innovation at EBS University of Economics and Law in Oestrich angle.

With regard to the public administration represents Drechsler a non- technocratic, non- managerialistischen, political science approach ( he was one of the first critics of the " New Public Management " ) and emphasizes the primacy of effectiveness over efficiency. He is also interested non-Western administration, including of Confucianism and Islam influenced by systems. Economic policy, he is particularly interested in the role of the state in economic growth and innovation. Philosophically Drechsler, one of the last students of Hans -Georg Gadamer, a classical hermeneutics.

Professional Experience:. Speaker at Science during the reunification of Germany, 1990-1992, the U.S. Congress 1989-1990 and the President of the Republic of Estonia in 1994 a consultant, particularly in the areas of administrative reform and innovation policy and e-governance, national governments and international organizations, including OECD, euro Europe, SIGMA, World Bank, EU ( Lisbon Strategy; member of the Lisbon Agenda Group), Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations (UNDP ); Participation in national development plans, in different positions, including for Estonia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Peru, Brazil and Norway. He was also Vice President of the probably most important Estonian " think- tanks" PRACTICE (2000-2005).

Wolfgang Drechsler is the son of longtime mayor Marburger Hanno Drechsler.


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