Wolfgang Haas

Wolfgang Haas ( born August 7, 1948 in Vaduz) is since 1997 the first Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Vaduz.


Wolfgang Haas studied after high school at the Collegium marianum in Liechtenstein philosophy and theology at the University of Fribourg. He received on 7 April 1974 in Chur, the sacrament of Holy Orders. Parallel to the assistant at the Chair of dogmatics the Faculty of Theology of the University of Freiburg in 1974, he earned another degree in theology. From 1975 to 1978 he studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University to study canon law. He was chancellor of the diocese of Chur and prosecuted ex officio of the diocesan tribunal.

Diocese of Chur

At the express request of the bishop of Chur Johannes Vonderach Haas was appointed by Pope John Paul II to the Coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese of Chur on 25 March 1988; by the associated automatic right of succession for Wolfgang Haas was the ecclesiastical privilege granted under the Chur cathedral chapter right of free election of bishops - but in canonically flawless manner - bypassed.

The episcopal ordination took place on 22 May 1988 Diocesan Bishop John Vonderach and the bishops Otmar Mäder (St. Gallen) and Henri Schwery ( customs ) rather than as co-consecrators. His motto is Maria duce OBVIAM Christ.

Wolfgang Haas was on 22 May 1990 to December 2, 1997 Bishop of Chur.

Due to its conservative understanding of the Roman Catholic doctrine and some controversial personnel decisions at church critics stopped at the intra-church protests and could even after the establishment of several auxiliary bishops, for example, by Peter Henrici for the Canton of Zurich, can not be settled. Wolfgang Haas hit the headlines and became the most famous bishop of Switzerland.

He was on May 31, 1993 Mitkonsekrator auxiliary bishops of Chur Paul Vollmar SM and Peter Henrici, SJ.

After his elevation to Archbishop of Vaduz he was on 2 December 1997 to August 23, 1998 Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Chur.

Archdiocese of Vaduz

Wolfgang Haas was appointed by the Pope on 2 December 1997 as archbishop of the newly created Archdiocese of Vaduz and used in the so collected to the Cathedral Church of St. Florin in Vaduz on 21 December 1997 his office. Against his collection was stirring in the new Archdiocese of resistance but had no effect.

Important action in the end was next to the Pontifikalämtern the celebration of Mass at National Day on August 15 on the castle meadow with respective homily ( sermon ).

In June 2011, Haas announced that he would celebrate in the future no more fair at the state ceremony for National Day. The connection was a " false or dishonest character to the public ." The responding position of the Government situate the base of the Archbishop in the attitude of the state towards homosexuality and the initiative " help instead of punishment " for the liberalization of abortion laws.

With the introduction of a Partnership Institute in Liechtenstein called Haas practiced homosexuality as objectively a grave sin, the legal recognition would almost be a scandal.