Wombeyan Caves Road

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New South Wales

The Wombeyan Caves Road is a connecting road to the east of the Australian state of New South Wales. It connects the Old Hume Highway Mittagong to Goulburn -Oberon Road in Richlands. The road is designated as a main street 258.


From the Old Hume Highway Mittagong the Wombeyan Caves Road branches off near the connection to the Hume Highway ( N31 ​​) to the northwest. Takes you through farmland to the community as a High Range paved, two-lane road. Soon after High Range, the road turns to the west-north -west and the asphalt ends. West of Bullio they crossed the Wollondilly River and then leads to the Wombeyan Caves at the southern tip of the Blue Mountains National Park and the town of the same name. On this route the quality of the road takes more from the more, the more it leads to the west.

To the west of the campsite there Wombeyan Caves Road rises steep and winding up a hill. This ramp is mounted again. Once the highest point is reached, the road turns back into a gravel road, which is broader and does not have as many curves. Soon, she turns to the southwest and reached after approximately 15 km Goulburn -Oberon Road in Richlands. Short its end in Richlands the road is paved again.

Sandstone tunnel

In its eastern part, west of High Range, the road passes through a historic, single-track tunnel, which was cut into the sandstone. The tunnel is about 22 m long at its base, but has, on the west side of a sandstone overhang, the further reaches out several meters.

Stands on a board at the eastern tunnel entrance:

"This tunnel which completed falling on 1899 as part of a new tourist road linking the southern highlands to Wombeyan Caves. Officially opened on 29 January 1900, the road which originally named Duprez Road in honor of Adolphe Prosper Duprez of Bowral who what the driving force behind its construction. " ( Eng.: This tunnel was completed in 1899 as part of a new tourist route from the southern highlands to the Wombeyan Caves opened on January 29th 1900 Duprez road was originally called Road in honor of Adolphe Prosper Duprez from Bowral, the construction of this road. drove forward with vigor. )

Road Conditions

Because of the extremely poor road conditions on several kilometers east of the campsite to the Wombeyan Caves is strongly recommended that these caves from the Goulburn -Oberon Road to approach ( from the west ) from. Despite anything to the contrary may be shown in some maps of the unpaved section of the road should be used only with four-wheel drive vehicles and scheduling enough time.


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