Wv (software)

WvWare is the name of an open source program library that allows the conversion from Microsoft Word files. Programs can access this library to import and export to other file formats such files. For example, use AbiWord and KWord the library wvWare for this purpose. wvWare under the GPL.

The library is to be able to edit files of Word versions 2000, 97, 95 and 6. These correspond to the internal Word format designations Word 9, 8, 7 and 6 Earlier formats are processed with restrictions, Word-2 files are converted to plain text. The project was originally called mswordview, which saw a Microsoft product called Microsoft Word Viewer too similar. Therefore, the project has been renamed.

WvWare stands on many operating system platforms, such as Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Solaris, OS / 2, AIX and OSF / 1