Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County

The Autonomous District Xinbin Manchu (新 宾 满族 自治县, Xinbin Mǎnzú Zizhixian ), short circuit Xinbin (新 宾县, Xinbin Xiàn ) is an autonomous county of the Manchu of the prefecture-level city of Fushun in northeast China's Liaoning Province. It has an area of 4287 km ² and has 305,000 inhabitants ( 2010).

The Yongling Mausoleum ( Yongling永陵) and the old city of Hetu - ala ( Hetu Ala Gucheng赫图阿拉 故城) are on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China since 1988 and 2006 respectively.