Yitong Manchu Autonomous County

The Autonomous District Yitong Manchu (Chinese伊 通 满族 自治县/伊 通 满族 自治县, Pinyin Yitong Mǎnzú Zizhixian ) is an autonomous group of Manchu in the prefecture-level city of Siping in the western part of northeast China's Jilin Province. It has an area of 2523 km ² and has 460,000 inhabitants ( 2002). Its main town is the large village Yitong (伊 通 镇). Its name derives from the River Yitong He (伊 通河) flowing through its territory.

Administrative Divisions

Yitong is made up of nine large municipalities and thirteen municipalities.

  • Greater community Yitong (伊 通 镇)
  • Greater community Yingchengzi (营 城子 镇)
  • Greater community Kaoshan (靠 山镇)
  • Greater community Ma'anshan (马鞍山 镇)
  • Greater community Dashushan (大孤山 镇)
  • Greater community Xiaohushan (小孤山 镇)
  • Greater community Yidan (伊丹 镇)
  • Greater community Jingtai (景 台 镇)
  • Greater community Xiwei (西 苇 镇)
  • Community Wuyi (五一 乡)
  • Community Xinjia (新 家乡)
  • Community Aimin (爱民 乡)
  • Community Dongjianshan (东 尖山 乡)
  • Community Sandao (三 道 乡)
  • Community Huanglingzi (黄岭子 乡)
  • Community Banshimiao (板 石 庙乡)
  • Community Dijuzi (地 局 子 乡)
  • Community Toudao (头 道 乡)
  • Community Erdao (二 道 乡)
  • Community Xinxing (新兴 乡)
  • Community Fazhan (发展 乡)
  • Community Moliqing (莫里 青 乡)