XXP was a private TV channel from Berlin, which broadcast mainly reports and documentaries.


On 7 May 2001 Spiegel TV launched together with the production company dctp the television XXP - a program of documentaries, reports and magazines, where XX stand for metropolitan size and P for program. The managing editor was Thomas Ammann, who came from Hamburg to Berlin in 2002. Before Ammann was the Spiegel TV Magazine.

In January 2006, the U.S. media company Discovery Communications took over 98 % of the shares. The remaining two percent remained at the former principal shareholders dctp and mirror TV. On 1 September 2006 XXP went on in the new DMAX. The successor transmitter wants to address " particularly younger, upscale male target groups." The station describes itself as " Factual entertainment channel for men ." Among other things, the broadcast on RTL II and also previously on XXP series American Chopper is broadcast.


The program consisted mainly of reporting, documentation, background programs, magazines, discussions and interviews. Moreover, were a daily newscast, rarely also sent movies. The television station advertised with the slogan adventure reality.

The programs and films came from the mirror TV, DCTP, BBC, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Filmverlag the authors and other program suppliers and since the takeover by Discovery also from the Discovery Channel.

Even sports program had its place on XXP: Under the " XXP horse time " were (for example, the FEI World Cup Jumping ) aired on the weekend evenings both reports from around the horse as well as records of major horse shows. Experts here were of Ahaz and Heike Kemmer Buchwaldt. The format was continued after the end of XXP on Spiegel TV Digital.

On 1 February 2006, the daily transmission time was increased via analogue satellite television from four hours to the already since the beginning of digitally broadcast 24 hours.

Each day had a different focus topic:

  • Monday: present
  • Tuesday: Past
  • Wednesday: Future
  • Tuesday: Lifestyle
  • Friday: Continents
  • Saturday: Society
  • Sunday: Culture


XXP was distributed via cable, satellite, in many parts of Germany. About MonA TV transmitter was now broadcast via DVB -T. Thus, more than 70 percent of TV households could receive the offer. It was last broadcast all day analog and digital via ASTRA. The program was initially receive only analog of 19:55 clock until midnight. Digital XXP was aired for the first broadcast only on Hotbird.