Yanqi Hui Autonomous County

The Autonomous District Yanqi Hui (焉耆 回族 自治县Yanqi Huizu Zizhixian ) is centrally located in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. It belongs administratively to the Mongolian Autonomous County Bayingolin. The county has an area of ​​2429.32 km ² and around 120,000 inhabitants ( end of 2004). At the census in the year 2000 117.529 inhabitants still were counted. In the area of today's circle was the ancient kingdom Karashahr. Southwest of the main town circle, the greater community of Yanqi, are the famous temples of Shorchuk.

Administrative Divisions and Population

The Autonomous District is composed of four large municipalities and four municipalities. These are:

  • Greater community Yanqi (焉耆 镇), consisting of ten residential communities and a village, the seat of county government, 29,000 inhabitants (2000);
  • Greater community Qigxin (七个 星 镇), consisting of a population and community nine villages, 12,629 inhabitants (2000);
  • Greater community Yongning (永宁 镇), consisting of two residential communities and eight villages, 18,235 inhabitants (2000);
  • Greater community Sishilichengzi (四十里 城子 镇), consisting of a population community and five villages, 8,722 inhabitants (2000);
  • Community Beidaqu (北大 渠 乡), consisting of six villages, 9,026 inhabitants (2000);
  • Community Wuhaoqu (五号 渠 乡), consisting of a population community and eight villages, 14,791 inhabitants (2000);
  • Community Qagan Qehë (查 汗 采 开 乡), consisting of four villages, 5,841 inhabitants (2000);
  • Community Borhoi (包 尔海 乡), consisting of five villages, 6,614 inhabitants ( 2000).

There were in 2000, nor the inhabitants of three state institutions in the county area:

  • State Farm ( pasture for livestock ) Wangjiazhuang (王家庄 牧场) 1,221 inhabitants,
  • Breeding farm for quality livestock breeds Suhai (苏海 良种 场), 1,555 inhabitants,
  • Production and Construction Corps No. 27 (兵团27团), 9,895 inhabitants.