Yauli Province

Yauli is one of nine Peruvian provinces which form the Junín region of central Peru. It is bordered on the north by Pasco region and the province of Junín, on the east by the province of Tarma, in the south of the province Jauja and to the west by the region of Lima. The provincial capital is La Oroya. In the year 2002 30.234 inhabitants were counted from the National Institute of computer science and statistics.

Administrative Divisions

The province consists of 10 districts Yauli:

  • La Oroya
  • Chacapalpa
  • Huay - Huay
  • Marcapomacocha
  • Morococha
  • Paccha
  • Santa Barbara
  • Santa Rosa de Saco
  • Suitucancha
  • Yauli