Yoan Benyahya

Yoan Benyahya ( born May 26, 1987 in Tarascon, France ) is a French football player.


Benyahya began his career at a local club in his home town of Tarascon. From 2006 he played for the reserve team of Olympique Nimes, where he came to a third league game for the first team in the 2007/ 08 season. In 2009 he moved to FC Istres. Also in Istres, he was scheduled for the second team, but could be in the season 2009 /10 of second league debut. This remained his only use in a professional league, since he returned in 2010 to Nîmes and again played for the reserve. From Nîmes from 2011, he moved to third division side FC Gazelec Ajaccio. He ran on a regular basis, but this changed after the rise in 2011. After he had come earlier in the season 2012/13 not a single League commitment to the team, he decided in October 2012 for a return to the third tier and signed for newly promoted ES Uzès Pont du Gard, where he became a regular player. As such, however, he was unable to prevent the re- direct descent.