The Yron is a river in France, which runs in the Lorraine region. It rises in the Regional Natural Park of Lorraine, in the municipality of Vigneulles- lès -Hattonchâtel, drained generally in a northeasterly direction by a lake-rich landscape and ends after 37 kilometers of the municipal boundary of Jarny and Conflans -en- Jarnisy as a right tributary of the River Orne. On his way to the Yron crosses the départements Meuse and Meurthe -et -Moselle.

Places on the river

(Sequence in the flow direction )

  • Vigneulles- lès -Hattonchâtel
  • Lachaussée
  • Hannonville - Suzémont
  • Ville- sur- Yron
  • Jarny
  • Conflans -en- Jarnisy