Yuri Schukin

Yuri Ivanovich Shchukin (Russian Юрий Иванович Щукин, English transcription. Yuki Shchukin, born June 26, 1979 in Kislovodsk, Soviet Union ) is a Kazakh tennis player of Russian origin.

Life and career

Shchukin achieved his greatest success on the Challenger Tour. Overall, he won 24 titles in his career, including eight in singles and 15 more in doubles. At the World Tour finals in Warsaw in 2008 was at the Nikolai Dawydenkos side his best result. They were subject to the Polish Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin local heroes Matkowski just in three sets. His Grand Slam debut at the 2001 Australian Open, but he already retired on the opening lap.

Since he saw no opportunity for them to be appointed to the Russian Davis Cup team, Shchukin had adopted in the summer of 2008 (just like his countrymen Andrei Golubev and Mikhail Kukushkin ) the Kazakh citizenship, and so he could in September 2008 against the Philippines for the first time competing for Kazakhstan.