Marcin Matkowski

Marcin Matkowski (born 15 January 1981 Barlinek ) is a Polish tennis player who celebrated his success primarily in doubles.


Matkowski could win 14 titles in doubles competitions in his career and reached 22 other finals, all with partner Mariusz Fyrstenberg and compatriot. Among his greatest successes include reaching the semi-finals of the Australian Open 2006 final of the Masters Series tournament in Madrid in 2007, the successful qualification for the Tennis Masters Cup in 2006 and reaching the final at the U.S. Open 2011. At the U.S. Open 2012, he was also in the final of the mixed competition.

His highest singles ranking in the tennis world ranking he reached in August 2002, with rank 647 in the double is his best ever placing a 7th place from July 2012.

Since 2000 Marcin Matkowski plays for Poland's Davis Cup team. Together with Mariusz Fyrstenberg it forms with so far 16 shared victories, the most successful double the Polish Davis Cup history. With a total of 19 wins in a double he is, as well Fyrstenberg, the most successful doubles player of the team 's history.

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