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Yusufeli ( until 1912 Kiskim ) is a town and a district in the province of Artvin on the Black Sea in the north-eastern Turkey. The town has 5844 inhabitants Yusufeli and the entire district Yusufeli 21758 (2009). Yusufeli is the largest county of the province, is located in the south of the province and borders the provinces of Erzurum and Rize.

The name Kiskim should be changed by order of the Interior Ministry, as there is a place with similar names were in Ankara. Then the place was named after the Ottoman Prince Yusuf Efendi İzzeddin.

15 km southwest direction İspir stands the ruined church of Dörtkilise from the 10th century, 30 kilometers east remained the church of İşhan from the same period received. Also known are the former churches of ÖSK Vank and Haho, both of which are accessible from the road to Erzurum. A 30 kilometer branch road leads north-west into the mountains to the village Kackar Barhal, a hiking area with another church.


  • Faruk Çelik ( born 1956 ), Minister of State
  • Kadir Topbaş ( b. 1945 ), mayor of İstanbul