Zgharta or Zghorta (Arabic زغرتا ) is a city in the governorate of North Lebanon with an estimated population of about 70,000 ( the last census took place in Lebanon in the 1930s instead ). It is located about 150 meters above sea level, 80 kilometers from Beirut and 7 kilometers from Tripoli. The city is also the administrative seat of the district of Zgharta.

History and Significance

Zgharta is closely related to the mountain town of Ehden, with which it shares significant parts of the population. Every summer, many residents to move Zghartas in their summer homes in Ehden; in winter the reverse is true - then Ehden is practically deserted. The local dialect is the Lebanese Arabic with a distinct Syrian accent. Syriac - Aramaic was taught in local schools until the middle of the 20th century. Ehden has a popular summer resort numerous small shops, outdoor cafés and hotels. The village is dominated by the Church Sayyidat al - Husn. Above is the Ehden Nature Reserve Horsh Ehden, which grow among other cedars of Lebanon.

During the Lebanese civil war, the place was in his capacity as a Christian stronghold in the north of the front, as based in Zgharta militia Marada Brigade fought with Muslim militias and the PLO from the neighboring Tripoli.

Most historians agree that the name Zgharta from the Aramaic word is derived zaghar what strength means. The Syrian word means Zegharteh barricades.

The traditional farming contributes a significant part of the local economy, with oil Olvien around Zgharta and apple tree plantations in Ehden. Recently, the services and manufacturing sectors have grown recognizable.


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