Zittau (Wisconsin)

Winnebago County


Zittau is a settlement on community- free area in Winnebago County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The village is part of the Town of Wolf River.


Zittau is located in eastern Wisconsin, about 3 km east of the Wolf River, a tributary of the opening into the Nichigansee Fox River. The geographical coordinates are 44 ° 13'00 Zittau " north latitude and 88 ° 47'10 " west longitude.


In 1853 the land area near the Wolf River was settled. The area was settled down mainly German families. Was founded the settlement of Benjamin Boucherie from Oppelsdorf at Zittau, which as a 31 -year-old with his wife and two sons in 1854, arrived here. Already 1855, another four German families settled here.

1854 Benjamin bought Boucherie 200 acre woodland as section 12 and 13 of the Government of the United States. It created the first houses of logs. One built on cereals and potatoes, and drove cattle. Some of the settlers worked in Clayton or Vinland, to earn money to feed their families.

Together with his wife Johanna asked Benjamin Boucherie one-eighth of its area acquired for the construction of a school building available. 1859 wooden hut was built for a first school, but had to give way to a new, larger 1888 school building. Between 1928 and 1931 there was a school newspaper ( Zittau School News). The school was closed in 1948.

A first Lutheran church that was founded by two missionaries of the Synod of Missouri, already emerged in 1857. They built the present church building in 1902, the associated graveyard ( Immanuel Cemetery ) was applied 1920-1925. German was the official language at school and in the church, although the village itself four German dialects were prevalent. The confirmation was held in German until 1929.

1880 J. A. Becker opened the first store. He established the first post office, which he decorated with the name " Zittau ". Boucherie even opened a short time later a blacksmith. 1892 was a cheese factory. After the cheese -maker was unfamiliar and there was friction over again, about 13 farmers got together and built in 1904 a new cheese factory, the Union Star cheese factory.

In the maps of the Zittau name first appears in 1909, before these houses settlement was referred to only as " Boucherie 's corner ". The district Puck was later united with Zittau.

1925, and held the electricity feed here, Zittau reached a population of 187, 2005, Zittau, only about 20 inhabitants.