Zwei Ärzte sind einer zu viel

Two doctors are one too many is a film series of ZDF.

Anna Louise Albrecht, in his fifties, has just passed her medical exam and is in Auberg the lake, a fictional community of Lake Tegernsee, succeed the country doctor. Anna has no idea that the land was already awarded under the hand of the internist Stefan Wolf, who is planning a modern wellness clinic there. But as the gentlemen have not reckoned with Anna ...

The film was shot at Lake Tegernsee and in Munich. Directed by Karsten Wichniarz after screenplays by Michael Baier.



Originally, Two doctors are a thought too much as a single feature film, which was broadcast as part of the Great ZDF Sunday film. Due to the positive audience response ( more than seven million viewers watched the first part in November 2006) decided ZDF, continue the series on Wednesdays. From May to October 2007, 3 episodes were filmed.

The second part saw on 30 January 2008 7.56 million viewers. He finished with a market share of 22.8 % the first place.


During the filming of the episode ' The Treasure of Silver Lake " drowned an Extra in Tegernsee, after the canoe in which he was sitting with two other extras, by the downwash of a helicopter came to capsize. In Criminal Procedure, the helicopter pilot was ordered to pay a penalty for manslaughter against two accused also employees of the production company, the proceedings were dropped. The son of the late extras has announced plans to sue the management of the production company due to the accidental death of his father.