2K stands for:

  • Mainly in the Anglo -Saxon period, the number 2000 ( K stands for kilo, according to Greek chilioi for thousand )
  • 2000 ( year ), but Y2K is more commonly used
  • 2K (film), used for the production of feature films resolutions of the proof of the images on film. Not to be confused with 4K2K, which is also an abbreviation in the range resolution, but for monitors and screens being used.
  • 2-component adhesive is a chemically hardening adhesive
  • 2K Games, a distribution label of computer games publisher Take 2 Interactive, headquartered in Novato, California, USA
  • 2K Australia, subsidiary based in Canberra, Australia
  • 2K Boston, subsidiary based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • 2K Czech, subsidiary based in Brno and Prague, Czech Republic
  • Two's a way to represent negative numbers in the binary system
  • AeroGal, ICAO code of the Ecuadorian airline
  • Meteor ( sounding rocket ), Meteor 2K, a model of rocket
  • OHV 1.0 L ( 993 cm3) 2K, a variant of the K- series engines from Toyota, see K- series
  • VW Caddy 2K, a model of car model VW Caddy
  • A pseudonym of the band The KLF
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