4MATIC is a brand for all-wheel drive passenger car models from Mercedes -Benz.


AUTOMATIC the means as compared with conventional four-wheel drive, that the additional driven shaft is automatically activated as required. This is done by an electronic circuit which evaluates various driving situations and conditions. The G- model with standard ( manually selectable ) all-wheel drive does not bear therefore the name 4MATIC. For the development of most four-wheel drive passenger car models from Mercedes- Benz, the Austrian company Magna Steyr was responsible. The term 4MATIC is protected as a word trade mark of Daimler AG.

G- model (W 460, W 461, W 462)

In the G model ( model series W 460, W 461, W 462 ) of the four-wheel drive was switched on manually. The rear axle was driven rigid jaw clutch means the front axle could be switched on. In addition, in difficult situations attended the optional claws - differential locks on front and rear axle for improved traction.

G- model (W 463 )

The built since 1990, the 463 series of the G-Class was different than the previous model ( 460 series ) permanent all-wheel drive with three bevel gear, which could be manually each completely blocked.

E-Class ( 124 series )

When elaborate wheel-drive system of the 124 series, only the rear wheels were driven in standard mode. If necessary, has been switched from the electronic controller automatically on all-wheel drive, the force distribution ( 33:67 in favor of the rear axle) and the speed compensation then took a planetary gear. In two other stages of the rear axle and the central differential are if necessary closed.

Modes of operation:

  • Rear-wheel drive: clutch 1 opens, clutch 2 closes
  • All-wheel drive: clutch 1 is closed, open clutch 2
  • All-wheel drive with center differential lock: clutch 1 is closed, clutch 2 closes
  • All-wheel drive with longitudinal and transverse differential lock on rear axle: clutch 1 is closed, clutch 2 closes and additionally locked rear axle

Remaining models

The direct successor of the 124 series, 210 series, received a permanent all-wheel drive ( 35:65 torque distribution in favor of the rear axle). The differential locks are replaced by electronically controlled brake intervention traction system 4ETS. Rotating a wheel, causing the traction control on this wheel engagement of the brake system, so that the other wheels can transmit power to the road.

The concept of permanent all-wheel drive with three open differentials and electronic traction control was used in all subsequent four-wheel models. In four-wheel drive S-Class ( 221 series ) is the longitudinal differential additionally provided with a fixed value lock that couples up to a limit of 50 Nm front and rear axle.

In the SUV partially additionally (additional cost) differential locks are used.

Current models

The all-wheel drive is standard in the ML, G - and GL-Class. In the C (W / S 203/W/S 204), E (W / S 211) and R -Class and Viano (W / V 639), it is available at an additional cost. In the S-Class ( 221 series ) it was launched in the fall of 2006.

Overview of Mercedes- Benz cars with all-wheel drive