(8985) Tula

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( 8985 ) Tula is an asteroid of the inner main belt, which was discovered by the Soviet Astronomenehepar Nikolai Chernykh and Lyudmila on August 9, 1978 from the Crimean Observatory in Nautschnyj (IAU code 095).

Mean distance from the sun ( semimajor axis), eccentricity and inclination of the orbital plane of the asteroid similar to the path data of the members of the Flora family, a large group of asteroids that is named after ( 8) flora. Asteroids of this family move in an orbital resonance of 4:9 with the planet Mars around the Sun. The group is also called Ariadne family after the asteroid (43 ) Ariadne.

( 8985 ) Tula was named after the Russian city of Tula on 28 March 2002.