Aalestrup Municipality

Aalestrup municipality was a municipality in northern Jutland in northern Denmark. It belonged to the then official Viborg. The result, she was in the 1970 local government reform from the following parish churches that belonged to all the historic district of beef Harde:

  • Gedsted Sogn Sogn and Fjelsø (Town Gedsted - Fjelsø )
  • Hvam Sogn Sogn and Hvilsom (Town Hvam - Hvilsom )
  • Simested Sogn (Town Simested )
  • Testrup Sogn (Town Testrup )
  • Vester Bølle Sogn (Town Vester Bølle )
  • Øster Bølle Sogn (Town Øster Bølle )
  • Aalestrup

According to the Danish municipal reform, which took effect on 1 January 2007, the largest part of the municipality was part of the Vesthimmerlands Commune, whose other parts were the Office for North Jutland belonging Aars municipalities, Farsø and Løgstør. However, parts of Hvam joined the metropoloitan Viborg, Hvilsom however, the metropoloitan Mariagerfjord.

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  • Danish municipality (1970-2006)
  • Vesthimmerlands community
  • Viborg municipality
  • Mariagerfjord community

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