Abdelhamid Brahimi

Abdelhamid Brahimi (actually Abdelhamid Brahimi Janu; Arabic عبد الحميد براهيمي, DMG ʿ Abd al - Hamid Barāhīmī; born April 2, 1936 in Constantine) was 1984-1988 Prime Minister of Algeria.

As followers of Mohamed Ben Ahmed Abdelghani Brahimi was appointed by President Chadli Bendjedid as Prime Minister on 22 January 1984.

During his reign, the economic and social conditions strengthen. Decreasing revenues from oil and a high birth rate leading to high unemployment. Especially the youth unemployment is increasing rapidly. This leads to economic reforms announced in October 1988 to massive civil unrest, the entire country - capture - with the exception of the East and of Kabylia. Hundreds of people are killed, thousands arrested. As a scapegoat for these events Brahimi is released on 5 November 1988, replaced by Kasdi Merbah.