Access (company)

Access was founded in 1979 in Tokyo. Since 1984 the company is a public company. Access offers embedded software for network devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, game consoles and set - top boxes.


The Access CO. , LTD. gained wide recognition for its NetFront web browser, which worked on over 200 million devices in November 2005. The engine was also used as the basis of the globally successful i-mode data service by NTT DoCoMo. The browser is also used in Sony's PSP (firmware version 2.0).

In September 2005, took over Access PalmSource, the rights owner of the Palm OS and BeOS, for 324 million U.S. dollars. Since October 2006, the two companies appear under the name Access.

As part of the development and commercialization of partially proprietary Access Linux Platform, a Linux-based software platform for mobile devices, Access is a founding member of the Linux Phone Standards Forum and on 1 February 2008, the LiMo Foundation joined.