Acid Techno

Acid Techno (usually just called " Acid" ) is a style of music and a subcategory of techno.

History and characteristics

After the acid house wave had ebbed late 80s and techno arose in 1991 and 1992 spread an evolution of the old acid sound: Acid Techno ( and a short time later Acid Trance). The basic structures were identical to techno, but the main issue was fixed in each case solely to the typical sound of the Roland TB - 303 synthesizer. Most productions have included only a four-four time with a bass drum on every quarter, hi-hats on the intervening eighths, a snare or hand claps on every other quarter, rhythm supplements with Toms or rim shots and one, two or even three central Acid sequences. This acid sequences were changed in the course of the tracks with the modulation capabilities of the TB 303 and varied from a low hum to high, screaming and biting sounds. Above all, the smacking sound made by the revving of the cut-off regulator, the association to Acid wakes ( English for " acid ").

The highlight of the Acid - Techno - wave was reached in 1994 and went very quickly under again. Various revival attempts have been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, many of the typical for this style of music elements can still find in techno, house and trance productions.

Typical style tracks

  • New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix) ( listen to, inter alia, in Blade ) ( 1995)
  • DJ Gizmo - Out Of Order
  • F.E.O.S. vs.. M / S / O - Our Music
  • AWeX - Back On Plastic
  • DJ Misjah - Keep Your Love
  • Hardfloor feat. Phuture 303 - Hardfloor Will Survive

Known representatives

  • Emmanuel Top
  • Hardfloor ( Ramon Zenker and Oliver Bondzio )
  • Josh Wink
  • Miss Djax
  • Acid Maria
  • Claus Bachor
  • Phuture 303
  • Oliver Bondzio
  • Richard Bartz
  • Rob Acid
  • Woody McBride (DJ ESP)
  • DJ Misjah
  • Kai Tracid


  • Techno subgenre