Hardfloor is a techno project of the producer duo Ramon Zenker from sea Busch and Oliver Bondzio from Krefeld. In the 90 years she devoted herself primarily to acid techno.


The first two singles Let da Bass go and Drug Overlord appeared in 1991 on the record label Eye Q Records. The compared to other publications of Eye Q significantly harder sound of Hardfloor was later named by Sven Väth as one of the causes that led to the establishment of the sub-labels Harthouse.

In 1992 Acperience on Harthouse and became one of the techno club hits of the early 1990s. The distinctive use of the TB 303 became the hallmark of Hardfloor. After the album TB Resuscitation and single releases Trance Script ( 1993) and Into the Nature (1994 ) produced the Duo 1994, the anniversary edition Harthouse 50 titled Fish & Chips. In the same year the album Respect followed with the single release Mahogany Roots, has been committed for the artwork of the artist George Dare.

Hardfloor completed in 1995 with the album Da Phreak Noize Phunk damn? a break in style. The music was based instead on the previous regular techno rhythms now more on Big Beat and radio, but did not renounce the Hardfloor typical use of the Roland TB 303 The album title also became the name of a new project of Zenker and Bondzio with which they 1999 on the label Stud! o K7 Big Beat album published.

1997 Best of Hardfloor appeared with the most successful productions and remixes of the duo. Including the Hardfloor remix of It's no good ( Depeche Mode ), Blue Monday ( New Order ) and Our Darkness ( Anne Clark). But the remix here also contained Yeke Yeke by ( Mory Kante ), in the Danny Boyle movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio has been used in a shorter edit version was best known.

A fan base have the two Rhinelander especially in Japan, the homeland of the TB 303 Since 1994, they enter a year touring schedule. Other international gigs were held in Germany on festivals such as the Tribal Gathering and the Universe in the UK, the Arivika in Sweden, the Quart Festival in Norway, and the Mayday, Time Warp and Nature One.

In 1998, she published after the insolvency of Eye Q Album All Targets Down acquired on the now of the UCMG ( Undercover Music Group ) from the bankruptcy estate Harthouse label. Shortly after the release of the album So What? 2000 also came the UCMG in a bankruptcy, after which the duo decided to create her own label www.hardfloor.de. Then they released after a few maxi-single releases of 2005, the album 4 Out Of 5 Aliens Recommend This and 2006 to the 15 - year anniversary of HMV Japan, the mix CD Our Acid Experience.



Singles and EPs


  • Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke
  • Bass Heads - Is There Anybody Out There?
  • New Order - Blue Monday
  • Robert Armani - Circus Bells
  • Anne Clark - Our Darkness 97
  • Anne Clark - Sleeper in Metropolis 97
  • The Shamen - Destination Eschaton (Destination Krefeldton )
  • Depeche Mode - It's No Good
  • Mike Oldfield - Let There Be Light
  • Yello - Vicious Games 98
  • Rising High Collective ( Caspar Pound ) - Fever Called Love