Hart House is a German record label that mainly in the 1990s had a major impact on the techno scene. From 1992 to 1997 it was a sublabel of Eye Q Records and from 1998 to 2003 by the Under Cover Music Group. Since 2004 there is a sub- label of daredo music GmbH.



Between summer 1991 and spring 1992, the DJ Sven Väth founded together with his manager Heinz Roth and producer Matthias Hoffmann techno label Eye Q Records. Since they received a lot of demo tapes with house and techno music which were too hard for the trance -heavy label Eye Q Records, they founded the sub label Harthouse. It was a platform for unknown and experimental artists. Main responsibility was Sven Väth, A & R Matthias Schindehütte was responsible. The first edition consisted of only 2000 copies. The plates were completely black except for the blue and white label by George Dare. The product was distributed by Hart House itself


The Hart House Publications enjoyed at the club DJs and great popularity as Hart House was next to Eye Q Records the most influential label that clearly the Sound of Frankfurt coined in the 1990s. Many publications have been played in the former Frankfurt techno club Omen. Numerous well-known music producers were at Hart House. Contracted including Oliver Bondzio, Ramon Zenker, Ralf Hildenbeutel, Gabriel Le Mar, Oliver Lieb and Mike S.

In 1992, the offshoot Harthouse UK was founded in England. The 1992's the track Hardtrance Acperience (HH -008 ) by Hardfloor reached number 56 of the English charts. In the USA, a sales contract has been signed with Moonshine Records and released also there on the label Harthouse America plates. While the success failed to materialize in America, he was always bigger in Europe. Nevertheless, the British branch of the label was short-lived.

Harthouse Frankfurt was from 1992-1997 the German offshoot. Until then, 119 12 " single releases ( mostly in small numbers between 1000 and 2000, but many also released as a CD), 24 albums ( vinyl and CD), 17 10" single releases, a 7 "single release, and various foreign and special releases published. many publications are now rare and expensive are traded among fans.

In 1996 the 100th Harthouse single ( HH -100) as a 2x12 " vinyl edition, which was designed by the artist George Dare. Was a great Labeltour Hart House hosted 100 tour across Europe, including in the Omen. Present were Harthouse DJs like Frank de Wulf, Toni Rios or live acts such as Alter Ego and Patrick Lindsey and George Dare, who installed the visual projections to the respective clubs.


1997 Väth parted from his old business partners and the labels. Eye Q Records and Harthouse moved to Berlin, where she had to file for bankruptcy a little later. Many artists received no money for their publications or have been supplied with tiny amounts. The cause of the Hart House - loss mismanagement is suspected.

First revival

1998 proclaimed the music company Under Cover Music Group ( short UCMG ), the naming rights to Hart House and the license rights of some old publications have purchased. Shortly afterwards, the compilation appeared Retrospective. This was very well received, especially by the Hart House - artists, because they so were given the chance, but still earn now something on their productions. The A & R work took over the music producer Ramon Zenker and Oliver Bondzio - better known as techno project Hardfloor. In September, the first new Hart House Release Hardfloor will Survive appeared. In the period that followed about two times per year new singles and a handful of albums have been released, and although some releases were relatively successful, Hart House never came true this week. In the summer of 2003 finally reported UCMG insolvency, and thus also found the "new" Hart House this year for the time being its end.

Second Revival

In the winter of 2004 proclaimed the music company Daredo in Mannheim, to publish with the acquisition of naming rights to Hart House in the spring of 2005, new Harthouse releases. End of 2004, the official website has been switched to www.harthouse.com back online. Since then, new vinyl and CDs are published regularly. Some of the tracks produced is only available as an MP3. In early 2007 took the name of Hart House Hart House Frankfurt as a subcategory of Harthouse back in the repertoire, in addition to Harthouse Mannheim and Harthouse Digital.

Discography (selection)

  • HH 001 12 ": Barbarella - Barbarella
  • HH 002 12 " Metal Master - Vol 1
  • HH 008 12 " Hardfloor - Hardtrance Acperience
  • HH 020 12 ": Resistance D - Human E. P.
  • HH 026 12 ": Cybordelics - Night Horse
  • HH 037 12 ": Cybordelics - Fairy Tales
  • HH 056 12 ": Mikerobenics - Diadora / Julika
  • . HH 073 12 " David Holmes vs. Alter Ego - Patrick herb
  • HH 086 12 ": Resistance D - echoplexing
  • HH 4014 12 ": Planet Jazz - Monster! ?
  • HH 4019 12 ": Resistance D - echoplexing
  • HH 4029 12 ": the third space - drum machine
  • HH 4030 12 ": Patrick Lindsey Phat Jive
  • HH 1015 CD: Astral Pilot - Electro Acupuncture
  • HH 1023 CD: The Third Space - wave
  • HH01 -5 CD: Hardfloor feat. Phuture 303 - Hardfloor will survive
  • HH02 -6 12 ": Justin Berkovi - You're so alien
  • HHEP 006: Andreas Leifeld - Communication
  • HH CD 006: Alter Ego - Alter Ego
  • HH CD 020: Hacienda - Sunday Afternoon