Oliver Lieb

Oliver Lieb (born 1969 in Frankfurt ) is a music producer in the field of electronic music (especially techno and trance ). With more than 100 publications, he is considered one of the most prolific artists in the industry. Also, as a DJ he performs regularly.


His first musical experiences were Oliver Lieb as a bass player in soul and funk bands. His own first release made ​​under the pseudonym " Force Legato " at ZYX Music, which were first discovered by Torsten Fenslau and brought on board. In 1992 he meets Matthias Schindehütte ( from the Frankfurt-based label Harthouse ) and comes at him with his techno project Spicelab under contract. This project became one of the hallmarks of the Frankfurt techno scene. He produced and with other now very famed artists of the techno scene lovers numerous pieces of music ( including, for example, Pascal FEOS and WJ Henze aka Gecko ). 1993 published lovers first time under the pseudonym " LSG " (on Superstition ), which he has retained to the present day. In 1994, he played together with Stevie B- Zet ( Steffen Britzke ) on the music for the literature CD " Word " by Rainald Goetz. Also in 1994, shooting is done and later appearances with Harald Grosskopf under the joint pseudonym " The Ambush ".

In 1995, Oliver Lieb decided as one of the first artists for the separation of Hart House and sat next to henceforth his newly founded label itself vs. Spy. Spice on his numerous releases on other labels ( including many on the Hamburg label Superstition ). Together with Torsten Stenzel for example, trance extractions were created under the name Paragliders, the very spherical soundscapes components combined with positive harmonies. Since love never wanted to be limited to a certain genre of music he created in this course always new projects, each of which was a new pseudonym. Oliver Lieb became known over time also just by his many remixes for a variety of artists that were published under his own name and sometimes under one of his pseudonyms.


For his productions preferred Oliver Lieb analogue synthesizer. He always makes sure to include any device or sounds that have been used countless times ( such as the Roland TB -303 ) and its sonic character are the listener already very well known. Oliver Lieb's music consists of many unusual sounds, sounds and noises, which he usually woven into unconventional melodies, underlaid with typical techno rhythms.

Every now and then reprinted interviews with Oliver Lieb in known synthesizer journals because his studio equipment consists of many rare and unusual devices.

Film music he wrote for Alone in the Dark ( 2004).


Oliver Lieb has published under his own name, and under numerous pseudonyms on the most famous techno and trance labels.

His pseudonyms are:

  • Alpha Omega ( Phoolish )
  • Antimony ( Federation of Drums, with WJ Henze )
  • Archon (Le petit prince )
  • Arte bionico ( Superstition, with Marcos Lopez )
  • Azide Force ( Superstition, with Pascal FEOS )
  • Ecano ( Bonzai, Tetsuo, avant-garde )
  • Force Legato ( ZYX )
  • Genetix (Millennium )
  • Gobiman ( Jerk )
  • Infinite Aura ( Hart House, with Pascal FEOS )
  • Ivan ( Superstition )
  • Java ( Eye Q Records, with Dr. Atmo )
  • L.S.G. ( Superstition )
  • Mark III ( Methane )
  • Mindspace ( No Respect )
  • Mirage ( Eye Q Records, with Ralph Ruppert )
  • Multiplicity (dimension)
  • Music to films (FAX 49-69/450464, with Dr. Atmo )
  • O.L. (Delirium )
  • Paragliders ( Superstition, with Torsten Stenzel, and later on Tetsuo, Platipus )
  • Phools Inc ( Phoolish, Sidewalk )
  • Psilocybin (delirium, with WJ Henze )
  • Radical Impression ( Swop )
  • Sentinel ( Logic, with R. Flex)
  • Smoked ( Jerk )
  • Snakemen (Universal Prime Breaks )
  • S.O.L. ( Superstition )
  • Solieb (machine)
  • Spicelab ( Hart House )
  • Strike ( Contacted )
  • Superspy ( Noom )
  • The Ambush ( Harthouse )


Oliver Lieb has made dozens of remixes. Including Sven Väth ( Ritual of Life), Resistance D ( You were there), Faithless ( Muhammed Ali ), Yello (Crash and Desire ), Human League ( All I ever wanted), Kai Tracid (decompression sickness ), Moby ( James Bond Theme ), Andreas Dorau, Mark 'Oh, Kamaya Painters and many more.